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5StarDesigners dots

Cutting-Edge Solutions for App Development

verified Online

dollar 51 to 250

dollar $26 - $50 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar UK, United Arab Emirates

We provide ingenious solutions to assist you in achieving your goals and overcoming your business problems. Our diversified team with the latest technologies accelerate businesses and processes with high, speed, security, and finest user experience. Read More About 5StarDesigners

I am very happy with the level of communication and service I received

Robyn H., Owner verified
verified Online

dollar 251 to 1000

dollar $51 - $100 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar USA, Ukraine

KITRUM is a one-stop custom software development company with a head office in sunny Florida and 8 tech hubs from Central Asia to Latin America, including Poland and Ukraine. Our team delivers industry-oriented tech solutions, allowing our clients to stay focused on achieving their profits. Your business goals matter most, so let our senior developers take care of the tech solutions. Read More About KITRUM

They delivered a high-quality and user-friendly interface for the platform

Nathan Wall, CTO at StackSource verified
Protonshub Technologies dots

Creating new dimensions

verified Online

dollar 51 to 250

dollar $26 - $50 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar India, USA

Protonshub is a custom software development company for new-age businesses. Our team works with organizations across the globe to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences. Read More About Protonshub Technologies

I think they are doing the best

Vinay Mishra, Capacity Operations Lead, verified

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Succeed Without (L)imitations

dollar 51 to 250

dollar $51 - $100 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar USA, Poland

Softermii is an expert in innovative software development. We help enterprises, startups, and businesses to build state-of-the-art products, gain digital disruption, boost their productivity and reach their goals. Read More About Softermii

We were impressed with their willingness and flexibility to work

Mediconnect, CTO at Mediconnect verified
Glorium Technologies dots

Your Idea. Our Innovation and Engineering

dollar 51 to 250

dollar $51 - $100 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar USA, Ukraine

Glorium Technologies is a top-rated bespoke software development company boasting 100+ deployed products. Our expertise lies in collaborating with VC-backed startups and expanding tech companies. Read More About Glorium Technologies

Excellent and Productive Collaboration with Glorium Technologies

Leo Sharp, verified
SemiDot Infotech dots

We deliver what you imagine !!!

dollar 51 to 250

dollar < $25 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar India, England

SemiDot is one of the top-rated IT companies in custom Mobile & Web Application development. We strongly believe in the client's first approach and we prioritize to guide our clients to develop their application in the latest technology, and in the least possible time. Our ideology is to excel in what we provide as custom services, tailored specifically for each of our client’s needs. Read More About SemiDot Infotech

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Platform Dev for NFT Company

Bobby, CEO of Luxury Ledger verified

Custom Software Development For Enterprise & SMB's

4.1 stars stars stars stars stars

dollar 11 to 50

dollar $26 - $50 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar USA, UK

NMG is a Dallas, Texas based global full-cycle software development company building advance websites, software and mobile apps using latest technologies since 2008. We are working with more than 300 smart business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their businesses to the next level. Read More About NMG

Rootstrap, Inc.

Outcome-driven development. At any scale.

3.9 stars stars stars stars stars 5 3.9

dollar 51 to 250

dollar $101 - $150 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar USA, Uruguay

At Rootstrap, we help companies scale people, processes, and products through outcome-driven development. We’ve helped launch more than 750+ digital products with more than 100 million combined downloads. Our mission isn't to merely build pretty interfaces, it's to iteratively design software solutions. Read More About Rootstrap, Inc.


Experience, Engineered.

4.0 stars stars stars stars stars 5 4.0

dollar 1001 to 10,000

dollar $151 - $200 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar USA

WillowTree partners with the world’s most customer-centric brands to help them orchestrate winning experiences across the customer journey. Experiences that are personalized, on-brand, and consistent across channels and platforms. Experiences that can both drive customer delight and reduce operating costs. Our lean, global teams of strategists, designers, engineers and data scientists minimize the time from idea to outcome, with a relentless emphasis on ROI. Read More About WillowTree

Ads N Url

Making ventures possible

4.3 stars stars stars stars stars

dollar 51 to 250

dollar < $25 /hr

dollar Flutter

dollar India

Ads N Url is a recognised industry leader in the mobile app development sector with clients all over India, UK, USA, & UAE. Till date, the company has worked over 500+ projects in partnership with SMEs, Fortune 500 Enterprises, and progressive Start-Ups of varied verticals. Read More About Ads N Url

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What is a Flutter app?
Flutter is Google’s Software Development kit(SDK). An open source technology for creating native android & iOS apps with a single codebase. It has a rendering engine, readymade widgets, testing, command line tools & integration APIs.

What’s so different about Flutter?
Flutter renders the app itself rather than letting the platform do so. That means your app is superfast, responsive and can run on whatever platform you like.

Like react native, it doesn’t need a bridge & communicates with the native platform using Dart- Flutter’s object oriented language speeding up the app startup time. Gone are the days when developers struggled with screen size and aspect ratio.
Now developers use Flutter’s hot reload feature to deploy codes across various devices & platforms reducing the overall development time by 20%.

Why is Flutter popular?
Flutter is supported by Google & gaining popularity due to its enhanced user experience as promised by the global tech giant. Besides this, the enhanced feature sets it apart from react native & other platforms.

  1. Full control over the entire rendering stack giving you the ability to create beautiful customized widgets
  2. The advantage of Reactive views with no bridge
  3. Great development experience with hot reload
  4. Deployment to multiple platform from a single codebase
  5. Fast smooth & predictable User Interface
  6. Uses Flutter Doctor command to quickly find bugs & issues in the written code
  7. Ram code feature make sit a perfect choice for tech firms
  8. GPU rendering UI helps develop mobile application furnished with graphic designs
  9. Minimal viable product(MVP) to validate your business reducing the possibility of failures
  10. Develop fast & high performing apps using Dart offering higher optimization to the user interface

How to hire a flutter developer?
Flutter 1.0 was launched on 4 Dec 2018. The number of Flutter developers has crossed 2 millions in less than 2 years.
When you make a decision to hire Flutter app developers, always take these requirements into account:

  1. More than 3 years experience in mobile app development
  2. Experience in Flutter SDK, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code
  3. Familiarity with SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases
  4. Git & Jira experience
  5. Agile approaches
  6. Problem Solving skills
  7. Communication skills