What kinds of companies are listed on RightFirms?
At present, IT Services companies & Marketing agencies are listed on RightFirms. We rank companies based on various parameters that allow buyers to connect with the right partner.

What benefit do I get by listing my company on RightFirms?
By listing your company on RightFirms, you get the maximum exposure and marketing benefits. It will further help you in branding your company and improve your position in the organic search results.

Based on what criteria is the listing managed?
All companies are evaluated on various criteria like service quality, credibility, customer reviews, ability to deliver, experience, variety of work done, online reputation, etc.

How can I list my company on RightFirms?
To list your company, simply click on the "Get Listed" button on the top menu. It will take you to the registration process where you can create your company profile and can necessary information about your company. 

How can a company improve its listing?
We gauge a company on several parameters. So, if you want your company to improve its listing, try completing your profile, add portfolio, request for reviews, etc.

How can my client leave a review on my RightFirms profile?
To request for review, share your company profile link to your client and ask them to click on Leave Review under the reviews section. It will take them to a leave review form where they can submit their experience.

How is RightFirms different from other listing platforms?
Unlike other listing platforms that just drive traffic on your profile, we go one step ahead and help you with guaranteed leads. Here are some additional factors which make us unique

  1. Our prices are very low compared to any other listing platforms
  2. We charge per category & subcategory, allowing you to get maximum return for your investment
  3. Our profile approval & review process is very simple & fast
  4. We allow you to set your company to active mode to increase your traffic & leads
  5. We provide a guaranteed monthly lead when you opt for our sponsored plans

What is the pricing for sponsored listing?
You can refer Sponsorship page to know more about different packages & plans. In case of any further query or doubt about any plans, feel free to email us at sponsor@rightfirms.co