The terms and conditions mentioned below will regulate all the issues that may arise during the time you access or use the rating from These terms and conditions will be applicable to all the companies included in our listing and to any individual using our services.

Kindly read all the points and aspects mentioned here with extreme caution before you start using any of the services offered on RightFirms.  Moreover, if you don’t agree with all the terms and conditions, you may not use our services. 

Description of the Assistance Provided:
RightFirms provide listings, rankings and reviews of the participating web and app development companies working in the IT sector and other functional areas. RightFirms rate these companies on the basis of their portfolios, previous works, client feedbacks and the quality of apps produced.

RightFirms also lay special emphasis on location based rankings as well so as to provide the companies their best suitable business offers.  To make the process of mutual negotiations easy, RightFirms would list all the issues related to interactions with the clients or any third part before or after the purchase of the app. 

Legal Agreement:
As and when the app and web development will start accessing our website, we will consider that they are ready to get in a legal agreement with us. The agreement here will cover the entire matters that will arise during the entire time the company will access our website. Also, RightFirms may monitor the activities of your company on our website and can suspend your activities if you have violated any of the pre-defined violations. In addition to this, we can disclose or take proactive measures to determine the process and services. 

Everything about Copyrights and Trademarks:
Barring your business profile, every content that is featured on our website, whether text or images or anything is strictly associated and owned in the name of The app and web development companies are authorized to share their business profiles, information for commercial use, but cannot republish, recreate or sell the information to any other website or social media. RightFirms believe and have good faith in their users, but if you as an organization feel that your copyrights/trademarks are being violated, notify us and we will investigate the infringement according to the relevant acts and copyright laws. All you need to do is drop a mail mentioning all the details and we shall look into it at the earliest.

Also, your company’s data is removed, but you think it is not infringed and your organization believes that you can upload the content, then you must send a counter notice to us that must contain your company details. Moreover, you should include everything that is related to the content in the notice, so that RightFirms would have the optimum knowledge related to it. 

Objectionable Activities:
The users of our website must take into consideration that is used only for lawful purposes and the following is the list of some of the prohibited activities. RightFirms hold the sole right to regulate or stop any of the company activities that is not found eligible according to the terms followed by RightFirms. 

- The organization or company cannot share any written messages, content or images that they are not authorized to share.
- Gathering personal details for other use rather than professional is also considered as an objectionable activity by RightFirms.
- Sharing defamatory content about other web and app development companies and infringing upon any kind of trademark or trade secret.
- The organizations cannot circulate banned content or any kind of obscene, vulgar or pornographic content or hatred against any community, gender or race.
- Use any kind of automated tools to obtain pricing related information of other app and web development companies. 

Guidelines for User Submission:
To encourage visitors to share their views or suggestions, we sponsor blogs on our website or on the websites of our partners. As and when you register your company with us, RightFirms are entitled to use or share your content on social media or be a part of a feedback worldwide.

Moreover, we can modify, transfer and use your submitted details with the third parties without any payment or compensation of your sales promotion or product development. When the company shares their information with RightFirms, we will consider it as authentic and will display that in the section of our listing. The companies should look in to the fact that all the accounts are socially accessible and RightFirms does not hold any concern if the information is fake or not certain. 

Cancelation of the Agreement:
RightFirms hold the optimum right to terminate or cancel your company from our listing without any prior information or warning. But, the cancellation of your candidature will not affect any of your financial obligations. If your account is cancelled, the organization has to pay any unpaid amount of money for the tenure you have not availed the services for will not be refunded as per the previous agreement. We look closely at your disclosed services, so if the services mentioned do not list the actual one, our website is authorized to cancel your company’s agreement. 

According to your organization’s rights, RightFirms disclaims that nothing on the website including the rating, comparative research, advice or suggestion will be rendered on the behalf of our website. Visitors should consider that nothing on our website is any kind of endorsement of the listed businesses or their services.
We offer the services that the just for each of our listed companies. Please see to it that the rankings and listings we provide are based on the prior information and according to the data submitted by the company. RightFirms have their own gauging standards and the results we show might differ from your expectation. Moreover, we don’t provide any kind of warranties that the company you have will be listed higher according to its niche category. 

Under the best possible and completely permissible extent of law that governs the listing of app and web development companies, we declare that RightFirms are not liable to any kind of damage or harm done to data or information while accessing our website. Moreover, unauthorized use or access of your company’s information or any other intangible losses related to research will not be related to the website and we hold no responsibility for that. 

Terms and Conditions for privacy policy:
We completely understand that your organization’s privacy is very important on our website, thus RightFirms hold implementing a competent privacy policy as a main term in our service agreement. The agreement is interpreted according to the laws of United States. If any kind of dispute arises, we will submit the agreement exclusively before the judicial courts in the US. So if you are located outside US, it will be the responsibility of your company’s appointed representatives to come here and have a legal debate.
The companies should take into their account that their rights and obligations are non-transferable under this agreement. The heading and paragraphs of this agreement should be used only for convenience and not be interrelated as the part of the agreement. 

Variations in the Agreement:
RightFirms holds every right to change the clauses and conditions of the agreement without any prior notice. Moreover, we would take active steps to notify you, but for this, the client has to visit the website regularly.
Once the changes are done, they will preside over the previous versions unless some part of the previous version is kept as it is. And, if the company continuous the access of our website even after the changed conditions, it will be considered that the organization is ready to accept the changes.