The Privacy Policy followed at RightFirms regulates precisely all the security issues and concerns that may arise when the users/companies use our website or the listing, reviews or information to get their business rated or benchmarked.

In the Privacy Policy, we will explain how we collect, store and process the information related to any app or web development service provider company. The Privacy Policy will be related to the entire agreement so, kindly review it and if you don’t agree, please refrain from using this website or service.

Moreover, our privacy policy will not apply to any kind of third party websites or other places or websites that are publicly accessible. All the third party websites works on their own terms and condition, whereas RightFirms has got the rights to use the companies’ information or use their profile publicly for business promotion.

The key points and facts that determine our privacy policy are as follows:

Identifiable and Non identifiable information:
- For ranking your company on our website, you are required to submit the documents related to your technical expertise, project experience and cost effectiveness. Also, the documents you submit will be considered as authorized on your behalf and will be kept as it is during your entire agreement with RightFirms. We are not responsible to your clients if the information provided by you is not upto the mark.
- When the organization will submit any identifiable information related to third parties, it shall be considered that you as an app and web development company are fully authorized to the services provided and take full responsibility if any kind of infringement or liabilities arises.
- RightFirms also hold every right to delete your content if it is found violating the privacy rights.
- In case of non identifiable information, we rely pertain your system information and browsing behavior, when you use the service on our website. We include specific technical details in the non identifiable information as it will help in resolving problems and technical issues.

Third Party Cookies:
Each of our listed company is informed that, RightFirms may use third party cookies and other services to collect your company’s personal information and make it visible on the website.

Moreover, if your organization is not comfortable sharing the data with the third party cookies, you can disable this function by changing the default settings of your web browser. You have to understand that third party cookies are instrumental in delivering services and blocking it will prohibit you from using certain services of our website. 

Company’s personal information:
- Registering your company on our website and verifying your data by obtaining direct feedbacks from the clients.
- We help you to find the most suitable company for the project and also help you sorting out the companies that best match your predefined price quote.
- Provide you updates about the best performing companies, so that you would know everything exclusively before collaborating for the development of your app. In addition to this, RightFirms also keeps you informed about the competitive market scenarios and the best performing companies.
- Researching and compiling your user data, so that the company can have better web optimization for internal purposes.

It is also to be noted that, RightFirms holds all the right to include your personal information beyond the above mentioned points by obtaining your prior conformation before doing this. 

Sharing and Disclosure:
RightFirms holds the right to use your personal information and share with the collaborating partners and rating agencies in the following conditions:

- For improving the service, according to your privacy rights we subject your information according to your company’s information so that your company meets the most suitable businesses and offers.
- RightFirms business metrics also submit and share your personal information so that your company’s services and products gets rated by the top rating agencies and the business proposals that are suitable to you, can reach your company in a hassle free manner.
- For your app and web development company’s business promotions, RightFirms organizes surveys, contents and other promotional campaigns. However, if the information provided by you is not upto the mark according your services, RightFirms do not hold any kind of liability.
- In addition to the above mentioned points, we look at legal rights, government regulations and other judiciary orders before sharing the personal information of any web and app development company. 

We know the importance of safeguarding your personal information; therefore implement every possible safeguarding procedure that would adequately protect your data against any kind of unauthorized access. RightFirms use standard SSL encryption methods to protect your company’s information from misuse, modification, interference or any kind of disclosure. However, RightFirms will not be responsible for any loss or proceedings arising due to the lapse in updating incorrect, incomplete or copyrighted content. Moreover, as we all know that uploading anything on internet is highly risky; therefore RightFirms will not be responsible for any mishap that occurs during the process of uploading the information from the organization’s side. 

Right to Access and Correction:
As and when you register your company on our website or subscribe to any of our services, your business profile would be deemed and considered accurate and will be kept in this way. RightFirms also provide you the right to access your submitted information and also to modify it if needed.

The change in your information will be done through your account and you can also submit a request if you want the changes to be made at the server level. Also, all the changes that are made will be done according to the predefined laws and rules as determined by RightFirms.