Thanks for your interest in RightFirms. We love guest posts because they allow us to provide a diverse range of topics and expert insights for our readers. We do, however, get a lot of requests, and we can’t accept them all. But below guidelines will give you the best chances of success.

About RightFirms Blog
The RightFirms blog is an authoritative yet friendly resource for entrepreneurs, startups, advertisers, agencies, business owners, marketers, and students looking to improve or learn in the technology, digital marketing, and advertising space.

Our Audience: Entrepreneurs, Startups, Business Owners, Tech Enthusiast, Marketers, Researchers, Advertisers, Students, etc.

Our Topics: Blockchain Technology, NFT’s, Crypto, Mobile App Development, Web & Software Development, eCommerce, Technology Trends, Popular Apps, Marketing & Strategies, Advertising, SEO, Brandings, Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc. (you can submit us your topic and we will guide you if it fits within our criteria)

Our Posts: We publish a wide variety of post types, including (but not limited to!):
- New or different angles on common IT Trends
- Sales, Marketing & Digital Trends
- How-to guides/cheat sheets for techniques and platforms
- Lists of tips, tools, or compelling strategies
- Industry trends, data, and insights
- Vertical-specific advice
- Creative ideas and real examples
- Examples/templates

Guest Post Requirements

  1. Sufficient Length: 1500 words minimum (post should be unique & plagiarism-free).
  2. Short Topic Intro: ~150 words. Introduce your topic and then tell the reader what the post will cover.
  3. Post Type: It should not be promotional or advertorial.
  4. Content Quality: Fresh, original, actionable, organized, and accurate.
  5. Images: No copyrighted, stock, or sensitive images. Your article should include 2-3 images to support your points.
  6. Backlinks: Links that add value to the readers’ knowledge will be accepted. No inserting links just for the purpose of building backlinks will be entertained.
  7. Author Bio: 2-3 sentences (350 characters, max), can include links to your website or social accounts. Also, include a square headshot image.

Ready to pitch?
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Here’s what to include:
- [GUEST PITCH] in the subject line
- A little about yourself: What experience or expertise will you be drawing from in your post?
- Proposed ideas: Topic ideas are great, title ideas are even better!
- Writing samples: Please link to at least one existing publication.

We’re looking forward to learning from and working with you!